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Transform your environment with our smart lighting systems.

TAC offers a full suite of smart business automation solutions to help improve your business operating efficiency and employee performance.

Customizable Systems & Solutions

TAC offers a comprehensive range of smart solutions which include, Lighting Automation, Audio Video Distribution System, Shades & Drapes Automation, Video Conferencing , LED Panels and CCTV Surveillance system. These components can be seamlessly combined with our Intelligent Control System and tailored according to your specific business needs.

Retail & F&b Establishments

Bring your store or restaurant to life with lighting automation. Coupled with strategic lighting positioning to highlight a featured product, you can influence customer navigation through your store which has significant impact on purchase behavior.

Offices & Boardrooms

You can concentrate on impressing major clients when you don’t have to worry about controlling the environment in the boardroom.

Hotels & Resorts

Deliver an unparalleled experience for your guests to set a new standard of excellence in customer service and stay ahead of your competition.

Commercial Buildings & Towers

Capture the attention of potential customers with colorful, animated promotions on LED display panels at your storefront or inside your retail outlet.